Terminal Performance Associates was founded in 2009 to serve both the local and national firearms community through the creation of one-off (one of a kind) extremely high quality firearms. We are a federally licensed type 7 (manufacturer of firearms) dealer. Terminal Performance is a Christian, family owned full service firearms company. We carry our own line of AR-15 rifles that can be built in every configuration from a basic, modern M4 style to an old school Vietnam era rifle to a precision black rifle. We specialize in the AR platform and carry a gunsmithing endorsement on our license. Our gunsmiths can build and repair anything from early 20th century military guns to the most modern firearms such as the Kel Tec KSG or Glock pistol line.

Of particular interest to collectors of military weapons is our line of M1 Garands. We offer Garands in ‘Presentation Condition” in which the Garand appears virtually as it did when it rolled out of the government armament in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. We completely strip the Garand down, check and treat all metal parts, and then parkerize them. We use brand new wood finished to the quality of a fine piece of furniture, and finally reassemble the rifle. These guns are not just absolute works of art but are exceptional shooters as none have a muzzle or throat erosion beyond a ‘3’ per government standards (most are 1’s and 2’s). What an extroardinary opportunity to own a piece of history that can also be handed down as a family heirloom. Please see these rifles on our ‘Garand’ page.

We are especially proud of our AR-15 theme guns. We refer to ourselves as the ‘American Chopper’ of the black rifle (to include father and son screaming at each other on occasion); there is no theme we cannot create an AR-15 to accentuate. Please take a moment to view our ‘Theme Gun’ page and see our Starke Industries Iron Man AR, our Harley Davidson AR, the Dale Earnhart comemorative AR and our Gadsden ‘Dont Tread on Me’ AR-15.

Over the years we have added a line of custom built 1911 pistols for competition or carry using primarily Caspian parts. We additionally carry the full line of Glock pistols, Springfield XD and XDS pistols, Kel Tec 9mm’s and many more. In 2014 we entered the Precision Rifle market. In 2015 we built the ‘Shark’ model precision rifle in 338 Lapua for world famous golfer and busisman Greg Norman to hunt Ibex in Kyrgyzstan. The rifle, built from scratch with the recognized best precision parts available (Accuracy International chassis, Defiance Deviant action, Timney trigger, Nightforce optic and rings) is our standard and is capable of one-mile shots. Please read about this build in our e-Newsletter.

Also in 2014 Terminal Performance became the mid-Atlantic supplier of Gunskins, a gun wrap that far exceeds the quality of the antiquated ‘dip’ process. We offer about three dozen patterns for any gun or piece of gear, with specific patterns for AR, AK, standard rifle, standard shotgun, magazines, magwell and ar receiver wraps. We offer the Gunskins three different ways: we can sell you the package that will allow you to wrap your gun at home, you can purchase one of our custom guns already wrapped, or you can give us your gun and we can wrap it for you. Please visit the ‘Gunfinishes’ page for additional details.

Moving forward, Terminal Performance Associates plans to continue to offer the finest American made custom firearms as well as additional lines at Virginia gunshows. We will provide our customary excellent customer service at all times, and are happy to impart any knowledge that may be helpful in person or through phone and email.